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Update: 50% More Kids Apps and Focus on Kids Development

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on September 20, 2017

Product Update – Kids Subscription Club

At Appland many team members are parents. We discovered first-hand the frustration to find ethical Kids Apps that are good for children and that does not try to trick you. As passionate parents, we want to give our kids the best possibilities in life.  

12X Faster Clubs - Product Update

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on September 14, 2017

Discovery is a Key Feature

We believe that app discovery is a key feature in our solution to keep churn low. We want to help users discover games and apps they love ❤ and this time we want to make discovery fast. 

New Discovery Algorithm Help Users Discover The Best Apps

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on August 15, 2017

We want users to find the Best Apps

The key to a great App Store service with low churn is to help users discover games and apps they love ❤. One and a half year ago we launched a value added services solution with the best Games, Apps and Kids Apps. We wanted to provide consumers an easy way to start using apps without feeling tricked, without in-app purchases and the pain of advertisement.

Download Updated Revenue Calculation Tool for VAS Services

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on July 19, 2017

Last year we created a very popular tool that is now used by operators and VAS related organizations world-wide. The Advanced Revenue calculation tool for VAS Service Subscription Clubs helps you to estimate potential revenue of your venture. 

Why Asia Pacific is a booming market for Mobile VAS

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on June 1, 2017

Do you know that the mobile VAS market is projected to grow to a value of more than $700 Billion worldwide by 2020 and the Asia-Pacific region will be at the center of it. (source:

Value added services have seen massive growth in markets that are already dominated by pre-paid users including India, Indonesia, Philippines and Thailand to name a few.

Let's take a look at some of the factors which have contributed to the growth of the Mobile VAS sector.

Now Easier for Parents to find the Best Kids Apps

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on May 31, 2017

New Top Lists Guide Parents

Finding really good Kids Apps is hard. In Appland Kids Subscription Club we have collected the 100 best kid’s apps in the world and now we have made it even easier to find the Best Kids Apps with new top lists inside the Kids Subscription Club.