New Discovery Algorithm Help Users Discover The Best Apps

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on August 15, 2017

We want users to find the Best Apps

The key to a great App Store service with low churn is to help users discover games and apps they love ❤. One and a half year ago we launched a value added services solution with the best Games, Apps and Kids Apps. We wanted to provide consumers an easy way to start using apps without feeling tricked, without in-app purchases and the pain of advertisement.

 Product Release - New smart discovery algorithm helps users to discover the best apps in Appland's value added services and app platform solution.

Discovery is a key feature

Today the VAS Service is being launched in more than 40 different locations all over the world and we are amazed and excited.


We believe that app discovery is a key feature in our solution. Earlier the displayed apps on the front page was changed every three days. We wanted to improve this to help users have an even better experience.


Start Page Updated Daily ⚡


We have now implemented an algorithm that change all featured apps on the user start page, every day. This helps users to always have something new to discover.


How it works 
The Details


3 Ratings

Every app has been rated with three different values.

  • Global Appland Rating – Rating set on global performance and how well known the app is.
  • Club Customer Rating – Rating that is unique for the club and the market it is targeting. This can be based on local taste, culture, geography, etc.
  • Club User Rating - Set by behaviors from end users per club.



Algorithm Place the Best Apps on Start Page

Based on ratings, different apps will be displayed on the start page, every day.


The Result

The new technology makes it easier for users to find what is the most popular in their region and in the world. Every downloaded app should be captivating and exciting for users.


When will this be in all Clubs?

We are implementing this new feature to all clubs at this very moment and the work will be finished in one week.

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