Download Updated Revenue Calculation Tool for VAS Services

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on July 19, 2017

Last year we created a very popular tool that is now used by operators and VAS related organizations world-wide. The Advanced Revenue calculation tool for VAS Service Subscription Clubs helps you to estimate potential revenue of your venture. 

We have now updated the tool and these are the most important improvements. 




Billing Success Rate

We have added the possibility to enter the billing success rate in a separate field to give more accurate calculations.


Updated Graphs

As you input your data and modify the numbers the result graphs will update automatically.

You can easily see how big part each partner in a subscription club get of the revenue in the Total Revenue Graph.

In the Marketing Cost versus Revenue graph you can compare your revenue with the marketing costs and where in time you will reach ROI. We created this graph to make it easy to play with the numbers and quickly see the result.

Business Calculator Graphs.png


Help Tab

The Help tab is updated with new explanations. If you are unsure about the meaning of some metrics please check out our article Mobile VAS Metrics and Definitions that You Must Know 


Calculate your Revenue Potential

Download Appland’s Advanced Revenue calculation tool for VAS Service   Subscription Clubs and see how profitable the club will be in your market.



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