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Are Your Children Safe from Gaming Malware?

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on February 5, 2018

Have you found yourself playing an amazingly interesting game when you suddenly lose a life and you are peppered with a number of advertisements. A trivial waste of time that is just slightly irritating, right? 

That's what many parents thought too when they handed their smartphones to their kids for playing games! All they expected was that their kid would download a fun free game and spend hours engaged. Little did they know that their little ones would be viewing highly inappropriate ads that could have a lasting psychological impact.

Recently, a malware called Adult Swine has come to light which has scared most parents. Even "safe" and popular games like The McQueen Car Racing Game, and others with 3 Million downloads, have been deleted from the Play Store because of it. 

How are Appland Partners Marketing on Facebook?

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on January 29, 2018

Social Media has been emerging as one of the best platforms for marketers to reach their target audience for almost a decade now. But there is no doubt that Facebook is a social media giant to be reckoned with. Let me pepper you with a few interesting facts!

Facebook has 2.07 billion monthly active users on its platform and that's more than a fourth of the world's total population

According to Facebook, 239 million of their monthly users are from North America, 364 million from Europe, 794 million from Asia-Pacific and 675 million from the rest of the world. A true melting pot of nationalities, is it not? 

Across more than 14 markets, more than one in four internet users are mobile only. 

On an average, users spend 35 minutes per day on just Facebook. 

Don't these statistics make you think that there is a real opportunity to engage with potential customers on Facebook? Appland partners sure seem to think so!

Recently, we've noticed that Appland partners have active and engaged Facebook audiences. With some of them having thousands of likes we felt that it was time to analyse their presence and performance to offer some value addition to the entire Appland Partner Network. 


Will Games continue to Dominate Global App Revenues?

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on January 22, 2018

The increase in the number of smartphone users worldwide has led to a dramatic increase in the number of apps globally. Whether its the Apple store or Google Play store, both have a collection of close to 2 million apps. It does not stop here, the average time spent on apps is also on the rise.

It is understood from the above statistics, that enterprises are generating a lot of revenue from apps. But are there more key trends we should be looking at? 

5 Key Considerations while developing a mobile gaming strategy

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on January 15, 2018

Another great year is about to end. With each year we see something new in the mobile app and gaming industry and the coming year is not likely to provide less to see. 

The advent of new technology and smart devices has lead to a fierce competition in the gaming industry and developers need to think out of the box to adopt a kick-ass strategy to win the battle. While there are endless things you need to take into consideration when developing a gaming strategy, four of them are listed here:

Are Mobile Gamers not Adolescent Boys?

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on January 8, 2018

When we think of gamers, we imagine them to be socially awkward adolescent boys who are looking to fill their free time with some fantasy and adventure. But in this age where smartphones and tablets are getting increasingly accessible, people who would have never considered themselves as gamers are now being drawn in. 

Are Women Competing with Men in Gaming?

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on December 18, 2017

Why should men have all the fun?

It's not just men who wish to unwind after a long day, women too wish to do so! With their work day not just including professional tasks but those of their family as well, it makes sense that they need some rest and recreation. 

Don't you agree?