5 Key Considerations while developing a mobile gaming strategy

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on January 15, 2018

Another great year is about to end. With each year we see something new in the mobile app and gaming industry and the coming year is not likely to provide less to see. 

The advent of new technology and smart devices has lead to a fierce competition in the gaming industry and developers need to think out of the box to adopt a kick-ass strategy to win the battle. While there are endless things you need to take into consideration when developing a gaming strategy, four of them are listed here:

Who are you designing games for?

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Casual Gamers

These gamers play more involved short session games which are easy to play or at a slower pace than that of a more hardcore game. A typical casual gamer is older than types of gamers and generally female. 

Core Gamers

A gamer who likes to play different types of games with much more enthusiasm and involvement. They have a wider range of interests than those of a casual gamer.

Hardcore Gamers

A player who likes complex and competitive action games. They are updated about the latest gaming trends and also love to be a part of the gaming community.


Overall Demographics

  • What is the age distribution of the target audience?

  • What is the gender distribution?

  • What is the age of an average gamer?

This information allows you to zero in on a target audience.  It will help to identify genre of games to include in your strategy. 






Time spent on Apps

This is a very crucial factor as it helps one analyze the difficulty level of the games to produce and to what extent a game is designed for easy gaming. 

According to a Newzoo report, total time spent on apps increased by over 150 billion hours year after year and reached to nearly 900 billion hours year by year.




Knowing which genre of games is liked by your ideal user base helps create the right number and type of games. It becomes important when different genres has different global revenues. According to the same Newzoo report, likes and dislikes of men and women are different with common genres like strategy. For example, Sports and Shooter are few of the genres liked by men and puzzle and arcade are liked by women.

Global App revenues

According to industry sources, consumer spending on apps reached $44.8 billion in 2016 and will grow to $80.6 billion by 2020. As of now gaming has major contribution towards the global app revenue, which is 82%. So, it remains a key point to develop your strategy.

While every gamer has its own strength, following the above key considerations will help you understand the right user for your games, user preferences. This will ultimately help you reach your goal of developing a kick-ass gaming strategy and thereby increasing your user base.

If you think, you have anything else to add please do mention it in the comments below.

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