Are Women Competing with Men in Gaming?

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on December 18, 2017

Why should men have all the fun?

It's not just men who wish to unwind after a long day, women too wish to do so! With their work day not just including professional tasks but those of their family as well, it makes sense that they need some rest and recreation. 

Don't you agree?

What Do The Numbers Say?

Mobile games are almost equally popular among men and women according to a latest study by Newzoo. While 52% of the total population of mobile gamers are men, women are just trailing by a mere 4%. 


So keeping in mind the ever evolving demographic trends of mobile gaming, makers need to now look at women gamers with a fresh perspective. They need to create games that not only appeal to their nimble fingers, but also to their sharp minds. 

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What are some ways to make a game appeal to women? 

Know Your User 

Even before you start developing a game, you should be very clear about the likes and dislikes of your target market, in this case women. Once you become aware about their tastes, it would help in building a better game altogether.


You might be aware of the time being spent by men on gaming and their playing patterns. Get yourself updated on the same for women. 

Player Preferences 

While the number of gamers are almost equal, games of a particular genre might not be equally popular among men and women. You need to develop create different games from unique genres and promote them differently among women.

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Understand Their Motivations

Do you know what drives men to play your games endlessly? Having the same market insight on what kind of games would drive women to play games endlessly too. That way you can create a product that is not only entices them but keeps them constantly engaged.  

Women are the leading industry drivers for apparels, luxury goods and now gaming too. Yes, women gamers exist and that too in huge number. So, game makers really can't afford to miss on the opportunity to develop and market their games specifically to women.

If you think you have more insights in the interesting avenue of gaming demographics, do mention them in the comments section below! 

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