The app mess - How do you find relevance among 1.5 million apps?

Posted by Jonatan Redvik on December 2, 2015

The app mess - How do you find relevance among 1.5 million app store


Curated content and smart discovery more important than ever


How do you find new interesting apps among the 1.5 million apps in Google Play Store and Apple App Store? Actually you don’t. Discovery of content has become an issue of our time where it is hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Companies like Spotify and Netflix offers content catalogs that are gigantic and they continuously invest in algorithms that will helps end users discover new relevant content.


The App Discovery Problem 


I have the great opportunity to work with some of the smartest companies in the industry including my own customers. Google Play and Apple App Store have not solved the discovery problem but our customers have.


Benedict Evans ( one of my favorite blogs ) wrote a great article about Search, discovery and marketing that really highlights the issue. If you want to read it CLICK HERE 


New devices show the way


A new trend has evolved to solve the issue of Discovery and it is specialization and product focus. Caterpillar has created a rugged smartphone for construction workers. Kodak has created a phone for photo interested and Silent Circle has created Blackphone 2 for organizations and individuals that set security first.


The industry is moving from a one fit for all Ford concept to a high variety of devices that is focusing on a marketing persona and a well defined need.


These vendors don’t just create a device. They create an entire concept where the customer’s experience of the device is much better than the one fit for all competitors. Caterpillar use Appland’s White Label App Store to help their customers discover apps that solves their specific problems and needs. Silent Circle has redesigned the phones entire operating system, created unique apps and they ensure all vendors are secured including Appland. Silent Circle offer their customers an App Discovery service where they check all apps to ensure they follow the high security standard they offer.


How vendors should be successful 


At Appland we follow this trend with a great interest and we believe that connected devices with apps need to get better at helping and recommending users to find relevant content to be successful in a more crowded market.


Do you want your own App Store? 


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