How Silent Circle built a unique value proposition with an App Store

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on November 18, 2015


World's most secure Android smartphone and App Store?


Are you thinking about your product and total value proposition to your customers? Let us inspire you with the success story of Silent Circle and Blackphone 2.



How to compete 


How do you compete with the device maker giants such as Apple and Samsung? You need to focus on a very specific customer group and create a unique value proposition that the giants simply can't beat.



A vision with privacy-focus


The Silent Circle team's original founding purpose was to offer privacy in the face of widespread data surveillance and collection. From that vision they created a joint venture to build the world's first privacy-focused smartphone.


In September 2015 Silent Circle released Blackphone 2 including world’s first privacy-focused App Store.



It is a complete value proposition 


What we really love about the Silent Circle story is that they have managed to create a complete value proposition with their Blackphone 2. It is a secure device, with a secure OS, secured apps and a secured App Store with quality assured apps. We are of course very proud to deliver the secure App Store and we had to go through some really tough evaluations to be able to pass Silent Circle’s security demands.


What we see is that they have been able to create something unique in a crowded market space and their pitch about privacy-focus is just right in time.



What does media say?


We just read this amazing article in the Guardian that has reviewed the Blackphone 2. Congratulations Silent Circle to a job well done. Check out the article at


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