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Jonatan Redvik

Jonatan Redvik
CEO and founder of Appland. Has previously worked as manager at Ericsson. Launched world’s 1st 3G network (DoCoMo/Japan) and launched world’s 1st 4G network (Verizon/US).
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The app mess - How do you find relevance among 1.5 million apps?

Posted by Jonatan Redvik on December 2, 2015


Curated content and smart discovery more important than ever


How do you find new interesting apps among the 1.5 million apps in Google Play Store and Apple App Store? Actually you don’t. Discovery of content has become an issue of our time where it is hard to find exactly what you are looking for. Companies like Spotify and Netflix offers content catalogs that are gigantic and they continuously invest in algorithms that will helps end users discover new relevant content.