App Store Discovery Is Broken, And here is the solution for developers

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on April 14, 2016

Two exciting opportunities for developers 

Allison Schiff wrote an interesting article discussing the issue of App Store discovery. Developers create amazing apps but with 2 million available in Google Play, competition is fierce.


Consumers that want to find the perfect app also have a App Store discovery issue. A construction worker that needs an app to keep track of tools. A farmer in Nigeria that want to know the market prices. Consumers and developers don't find each other. 



Two solutions to the problem 

Here are the solutions we at Appland see as a good fit for developers that want to reach new markets. 



Solution 1 - OEM Device segmentation

As Allison points out in her article, Apple's and Google's objective is not aligned with developers. They offer a mass consumption service without segmentation discovery possibilities. 


My suggestion is that developers should look for device makers that understand segmentation. In specific the developer should look for a device that have the same target group as the app promoted. 


Roughed phone sold in over 200 countries 

Let me give you a great example. Caterpillar's branded phone is targeting blue collar workers such as farmers and construction workers. The phone can be dropped into concrete and is resistant to water and dust. The phone has two App Stores. Google Play and an OEM App Store from Appland with targeted and curated content focusing on the target group.

If you are a developer targeting blue collar workers, farmers, outdoor people, etc this is the platform you need to focus on. 


Weekly push messages reach your audience

Appland handles the unique store and send out weekly push messages. Over 30% click on the messages that recommend new apps. 


The cost to reach this unique audience? 

The cost is 0. The only rule is that you app is great and a good fit for the audience. 


There are many more examples

There are more device makers you can target. I wrote an article about Epic OEM App Store Discovery Device Segmentation - Check it out by clicking here! 



Solution 2 - App Store Subscription Clubs

You and your development team are passionate about creating amazing app experiences for users. You spend thousands and thousands of hours creating something unique. 


You are finally ready to release. You have two alternatives. Make it a freemium and add ads to your game. In addition you start adding in-app purchases to sell turns, gold or a new fancy dress to the character. 


The second alternative is to sell it is a premium app. An alternative that have proven not be as efficient. 


A fair model for developers

A high revenue alternative to Google play is App Store Subscription clubs. Consumers pay a fixed recurring fee and get full access to a catalog of captivating games and apps without ads and in-app purchases.


Subscription clubs are released in local markets with a limited number of apps. An average number is 300 and all revenue is shared between the developers depending on app usage. 


Content is key

App Store subscription clubs are in general delivered and marketed by Mobile Network Operators (MNO) or marketing partners. The apps are used to market the club. To succeed with a subscription club the owner need the best content available. And best content means content without ads and in-app purchases. Content that focus on the users experience and make them excited. For passionate developers this is great news. 


Reach local markets

App Store subscription clubs are in general localized meaning they are only deployed in a region. Examples are Malaysia, Cambodia, South East Asia, etc. This opens an opportunity for developers to focus on a specific region to reach critical mass.  


What is the rule to join? 

There are different rules for each subscription club. Contact the app store subscription club provider to get more info.  



Want to launch your own App Store? 

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