4 brilliant examples of epic OEM App Store device segmentation

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on February 1, 2016

4 brilliant examples of epic OEM app store device segmentation

Learn how these OEMs won the market with intelligence


If you are producing and selling any type of Android phone today, you may have noticed that many phones are very similar and it is hard to understand the difference. When consumers compare phones the discussion circle around megapixels in the camera, how much storage the phone has or how long the battery last. If you are planning to make a phone and release it in the market you need to ask yourself what market segment should you focus on and how should you satisfy this market segment.


More device makers should focus on segmentation


I have spent a lot of time the last 6 months to understand the market and I have come across some amazing examples where the device makers have taken the extra step to be different on the market. I would like to share these examples to inspire you to think about how you can use customer segmentation and focus to create a new product that are more profitable.


The roughed phone sold in 190 countries


CAT OEM App StoreThe Caterpillar branded phone is targeting blue collar workers such as farmers and construction workers. The phone can be dropped into concrete and is resistant to water and dust. The phone has two App Stores. Google Play and an OEM App Store from Appland with targeted and curated content focusing on the target group. The issue with Google Play is that it is hard to find apps for farmers and construction workers. Caterpillar solve this pain by offering an App Store that is all about the user. In addition, Appland helps Caterpillar to find new apps and publish them to the store. Every week users receive a push message with tips of new apps. The service has great value for users and more than 30 % of users click on the push message every week. Caterpillar has improved their value proposition and help users solve a problem.


A phone that is all about the music fans


marshall london epic segmentation OEM App StoreMarshall, a brand owned by Zoundindustries just recently released a new phone, Marshall London that focus on music lovers. The phone has made a real success on the market. It is Android based and have the Marshall look and feel to the hardware.


The hardware is adjusted to be a good fit to the segment. On the top of the phone you find two earplugs that can be used for two headphones or a headphone and a microphone. Marshall has added a 32 step sounds control and on top of the phone you find the Marshall button that takes the user straight into the Marshall music center where you can control the music, use the cross app equalizer and find the latest news about artists and events. Marshall has made serious investments to make the phone fit music lovers.


The Enterprise phone with security in mind


Silent Circle Blackphone2 epic OEM App StoreSilent Circle has released the Blackphone 2 that targets security focused enterprise customers. The phone offers multiple virtual instances where the users can do business tasks in the business instance and do private activities in the private instance. The Blackphone 2 comes with the possibility to do encrypted calls, messages and the entire Android operating system has been modified to offer high security. To help users find apps that are secure, the Blackphone 2 has a Silent OEM App Store with security and privacy curated apps. Users can trust this store since all apps are scanned for issues and the Silent team review each and every app for security and privacy issues. For security conscious organizations this is a great value proposition and Silent Circle most likely offer the worlds most secure phone.



High end phone solves customer pain in the Chinese market


In China, banks and e-commerce companies are releasing apps. After one week the app will be copied and uploaded to Google Play by criminals that is hoping consumers will download their version. This is a great pain for consumers that don’t know what app to download.


Coolpad is solving this pain in their high end phone by adding an Secure Banking OEM App Store that contains curated e-commerce and banking apps. This to help their consumers and protecting them from criminals.




Do you want to work on your segmentation?


Use this tool to build your value proposition We just don’t want to inspire you. We want to help you find a better value proposition for your users. In below SlideShare you will get 4 amazing tools to help you create better Value Propositions. I specially recommend the Value Proposition Designer from Osterwalder.


Good Luck!



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