Product Update - More Efficient User Acquisition

Posted by Christina Jarnemo on April 13, 2017

New Features and Improvements to the Appland Platform

The Latest Update for the Appland Platform is now available, including New Features and Improvements. We have updated our Kids Club Lists, Games Club Lists as well as the White Label Sign Up Page. 

"We've been working several months with the new White label sign up page and are very proud to provide it to you. There is a lot of underlaying technology that is going on behind the scenes to help improve the targeting to your customers. We are using a sophisticated A/B testing tool, heatmaps, video recordings and of course power it all up through our Google Analytics tool". , says Tobias Ekblom, Project Manager.



White Label Sign Up Page

Appland has now a white label sign up page available that is ready to be enabled for our customers Subscription Clubs. This means that you can recruit and subscribe users on the web which services as Netflix and Spotify are already doing. The advantage is that it improves the user experience for the users and gives much higher conversion on acquired users. Appland continuously works on improving this page and optimize user flows. To see an example please go to the


Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 15.12.02.png



Games Club Lists

In the Games Club users can now easier find games that suits their needs. One of the more important ones are the Less than 20MB list for users that don’t have much space left on their smartphone.


Kids Club Lists

It can be tricky to find apps that are suitable to the age of the child at Google Play and on Apple App Store. At Appland Kids Club, we have made this much more user friendly for parents by adding new lists to make it easier to find the best apps based on the child’s age.


Screen Shot 2017-03-31 at 15.14.23.png




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