Kid Safe Content? Check!

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on April 16, 2018

Do you remember the day you first looked in your babies’ eyes and promised that you’ll keep them safe?

But with all new technology you are facing new challenges. With access to so many sources of information, they know things that you probably still don’t.

Are you constantly peeking over their shoulder to see what their tiny thumbs are up to on your smartphone?

Unfortunately being as busy as you are, keeping a constant watchful eye to safeguard your children is getting harder.

That’s where Kidjo came into being.

Kidjo Screenshot 1

With Kidjo you can get age recommended curated content for children that is safe and educational but also incredibly fun. Infact Kidjo's carefully curated content library has been developed in association with Natasha Crandall, a noted child psychologist and educator, who has worked with giants like Disney and Nickelodeon.

You might be feeling guilty simply handing your smartphone to your children just to prepare dinner in peace. But with Kidjo, you can enjoy that breather entirely guilt free knowing that your children are safe and sound.

How can you ensure that? By using your parent account you can allow unique viewing time limits and choice of programs for up to 3 children profiles.

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Each of your children will have access to content adapted to both their age and viewing mood. So you can choose to make them relax, learn or maybe do a bit of both!

Boasting of a design that is suited to the color palette of a 5 year old and offering research backed innovative content, Kidjo allows you to take a break from 24x7 parenting.

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