How to do App Store Deep Linking

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on December 9, 2015




Learn how to send end users directly to a specific screen in your App Store


Do you want to create even more efficient campaign and web based activities to your App Store users?


Most recent marketing research indicates that email send outs is still one of the most efficient marketing activities you can do.

By using deep linking you can send visitors and customers directly from your web page or email to your App Store. You can in detail control if the user should come to a specific app page, toplist, category list etc. Using deep linking you can create smarter and better campaigns and increase the value of the App Store.



Set up deep linking - The Overview

The feature gives you the ability to link to a specific screen in the ODP (Installed App Store user have on their Android phone). You as a Store Manager can for example place a link on your website that takes the user to a specific app in the ODP.


To create this you place the link appstore://app?id=1293 on your website and link directly into the Android ODP.


You can link to any screen in the ODP. The following is the url scheme for the feature:






Opens the ODP and displays the startpage (home)




Opens the ODP and displays the category list




Opens the ODP and displays the toplist page (more)




Opens the ODP and displays the specified category.




Opens the ODP and displays the specified toplist.

Toplist id can be found in

Featured Zones: "ID"




Opens the ODP and displays the

result of a search for "term"





Opens the ODP and displays the app references by id.


id can be the package name for the app or app_id as found in the web store url or in the store manager portal lists






How to manage deeplinking


To start there are a few requirements that needs to be fulfilled for a deeplink to work as desired.

  • Deeplinking only works on Android devices
  • The end user must have your Native Android App Store installed on their device.
  • The end user must be on their Android device (with the app store installed) when they click on the deeplink.

How to make the link clickable


Email: Add your link to an e-mail by inserting it with the hyperlink tool. In most modern e-mail clients, simply press (CTRL+K) to insert a hyperlink.

Website: Add your link to a webpage by inserting it with the hyperlink-tool.


Note: If an user clicks on a link on their computer or if they don’t have the App Store installed on their phone, the link won’t work.


Where do you find ID’s for the different apps, app lists & categories in your app store?

To connect a deeplink to an action, you and your app store need to know to what app, app list or category you want to send the end user to. Below is a description of how to find the different ID’s:


App ID’s

Login on your Store Manager account via Appland’s Store Manager Portal



  • Go to the tab “App list”, this list displays all apps that are live and visible to your end users.
  • Search for the app you want the deeplink to send the end users to.
  • Click on “Review” on the app you searched for.



When you are on the selected apps “Review page” you will get an unique app ID in the URL, see picture below. The text before the app ID is always “” the number series that follows (and is highlighted below is the App ID you shall use in the deeplink).

In this example the App ID to use is 133545



List, Toplist & Category ID’s


  • This step also requires you to be signed in on your Store Manager account.
  • When you are signed in, go to the tab “Featured Zones”.
  • Here you can see ID’s for dynamic app lists used for recommending apps for end users (the list ID’s in this example are highlighted below).


Note: You need to contact Appland to get the IDs for your specific categories and for the following toplists:

  • “Most downloaded”
  • “Trending”
  • “My Friend's apps”
  • “Newest apps”


How to use the search query deeplink

You can send the end user to a pre-defined search result in the app store. This could for example be used to promote apps by a specific content provider as in the example below where HeroCraft’s brand is featured on Appland’s homepage with the action to to search for all HeroCraft titles within the App Store.




Deeplink and search query used in the example:



Do you want to know more or need support?


If you need support on how to use this feature send us an email to and we will do our best to help you



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