Brilliant technology enables freemium apps in Games Subscription Club

Posted by Daniel Nilsson on November 30, 2016

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The Discovery issue on Google Play

Finding a good game in Google Play is an experience filled with agony and a feeling you just wasted a lot of time. Among the 2 million apps available a lot are low quality, includes malware or are designed to let the user wait several days to be able to move on to the next level. 

 There is a lot of really good freemium apps but as a user you never know what the total cost of the app will be.

Technology creates predictability and safety for users

Appland has created a Games Subscription Club containing the best games. For a fixed recurrent fee users get full access to the games in an all you can eat business model. All the games in the club are quality assured to not contain ads, malware, viruses or other painful elements.

Appland has partnered with Perpetuum Media to add a new technology to additionally increase predictability and safety.

The new technology makes it possible for Appland to add freemium apps to subscription clubs where all advertisement will be blocked and a virtual currency is implemented for each app. No development work is required on part of the developer, the Perpetuum Media technology will manage it all without any SDKs or code changes.

Virtual currency for every game

With the new technology from Perpetuum Media, every game will have it’s own virtual currency. We call this virtual currency 'dollars' in our Subscription Clubs. When the user start the game for the first time it will be pre-loaded with 5 dollars to start with. The user will additionally get 1 dollar extra, every day the app is opened. The user is never charged since the virtual currency is included in the Games Subscription Club.

Appland Games Subscription Club in-app technology


Play the best games in the world for a fixed recurrent fee

The fixed recurrent fee for the Games Subscription Club gives users full access to games from game developers such as Herocraft, Frogmind and Zeptolab. With the new technology users will get access to additional games plus the user will be able to buy in-app items for no additional charge. In-app items such as gold, skins, game enhancers, etc.

“We are very excited to improve the game experience and the value of the clubs. Users in selected stores will be able to try the new technology already next week.” - Markus Viikki, Chief Content Officer at Appland

The technology will be released in November and are planned to be fully deployed world wide before the end of the year.

If you have any questions please contact Markus Viikki at


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