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Posted by Daniel Nilsson on November 6, 2015

True Digital Plus app store mobile games club subscription

Video and inspiration from telecom operator True Digital Plus  


At Appland we love success stories and we are very impressed by True Digitals Plus games club app store called GoodGames. True Digital Plus is using the Appland platform and has a very big user base. They are passionate about online and mobile games and drive multiple games clubs in south east asia.


Digital in combination with the live meeting - Building community


What is impressive with True Digital Plus is that they have built a community / tribe for gamers where they do competitions, meetings, events, an online community and a mobile community using the Appland Store. As a marketer I am especially impressed with all the activities and media they create. For an example they have a big following on YouTube where they publish news and combines it with their webpage At Appland we strongly believe that it is important to drive activity around your brand and the app store you build.  



True Digital Plus app store mobile games club subscription Virtual Coins and virtual points


To drive additional value for the games club app store, True Digital Plus has incorporated virtual currency that can be used to buy apps, coffee in True coffee shops and other services. Users can also earn virtual loyalty points if they recommend apps and do other things. The points can then be transferred to coins to buy games.



Local content  


Something we love about GoodGames is that they work hard to promote locally developed apps from Thailand. We think this is a really good way to strengthen the relationship to the general developer community and to the members of the games club.


Some of the most successful stores in our app store community are focused on a specific target group where they make sure this group get great value out of the store. Some of the stores in the community has over 30% user activity for every push message sent out. A great example is Catepillar that focus on construction workers. The Apps and recommendations are focused on the target group and what can help them in their daily activities.



Really cool promotion video from True


True Digital Plus has created this promotion video for their app store. It is in Thai so maybe not that easy to understand but I am sure you get the concept ;-).




The GoodGames App


If you would like to check out the GoodGames app -> here and download it from the Google Play Store.

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About True Digital Plus


True Corporation Public Company Limited (TRUE) is a communication conglomerate in Thailand. True controls Thailand's largest cable TV provider TrueVisions, its largest ISP True Internet and one of Thailand's largest mobile operators, True Move, which is third only to AIS and Dtac. As of August 2014, True, along with True GIF, have a combined market capitalization of some US$10 billion. TrueMove is also partnered with Vodafone Group plc. Wikipedia

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